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  1. Emergency Improved

    [2.3 / 3.0.pre]
    A map for Grand Theft Auto V (with Menyoo) that adds events on the freeways you can use to go from Los Santos to Blaine County.
    Mod only available on GTA5-Mods.com, LCPDFR.com and 5Stars-Modding.ml
    Do not share, redistribute and/or reupload this without my explicit permission.
    Let's make a better community 🙂
    THE EXE IS OUTDATED, in other words, it includes the 2.2 version of the map, not the pre-release of the 3.0 or the more stable 2.3, so I'm deleting it for the time being. The only automatic installation method available will be the OIV package.
    Also, 2.3 version of the map is only available here, since it is a bit buggy.
    Have you ever thought that random emergency events would be great in GTA V? This map adds some events that you can find in the two freeways that connect Los Santos with Blaine County (Sandy Shores, Grapeseed...) & Paleto Bay. In 2.2, I finally added more events!
    The installation instructions are in the download.
    CHANGELOG for 2.3
    - A new event on Los Santos Freeway
    - Not much
    - Few peds without animation (AGAIN, yep)
    - Few entities not in place.
    - There are no changes, the distribution is still the same.
    CHANGELOG for 3.0.pre
    - Redoing the entire map
    - The file distribution is not as polished as a regular version, but good enough for a pre-release.
    Join the 5Stars Modding Discord! You can find me online there every day!

    Important note about the EXE
    The reason why two antivirus in VirusTotal mark the exe as malware, is because the exe launches a Batch file that installs the map. You can view the Batch code clicking here.
    VirusTotal analysis for EXE
    VirusTotal analysis for OIV package

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